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 I started this website a good few years back and it came to a point where I wanted to evolve into something else. Less blogging and more business focused, because that's the way I headed.

Check out One Web Street for some useful tutorials and blog posts about the tools and services I use to promote my own online presence and those of others who I work with. I changed direction and most of the content now comes from a point of view of information for individuals who want to build their own business online. I share what things I've learnt along the way and how I have overcome certain challenges. Ranking in Google and SEO, as well as getting down to the fundamentals of why people actually recommend a certain hosting company. (It's sometimes in your interests, but most probably because that host pays the most out in commissions.)

While I do talk mostly about Wordpress over there, because that's what I'm used to and I think it is the best tool for small businesses to use at the moment, there are other things on there such as business email systems, why shared hosting is okay but email through shared hosting is not, as well as online security for a business. We all want our information to be kept safe, don't we?